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About Our Products and Pricing

Manufactured in USA:  Cattle Working Equipment.  Pipe and Steel. Gates, Corrals and Continous Fencing. Overhead feed bins.  Custom Products.

Careful installation

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Why buy from Mountain View Metalworks?


We live the ranch life just like you.  We not only understand the importance of what is practical, we also have a keen eye for what is safe and durable to protect your livestock investment. 


Have you been making do with corrals and equipment that don't work? Ever wonder how much easier , safer and faster your work would go if you had the right equipment and systems for your operation?   When you buy from us you get the best in quality products and our experience to help you get the right equipment and corral designs to streamline your operation.


We aren't salespeople, we are ranch people, and we care about the job we leave behind.  We spend the time with you up front to insure that you receive exactly what you need and will give you all the available options to help you stay in budget. We will assess your property and your operation to design an efficient and cost effective  system that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. 


Mountain View Metalworks gives you the flexibility to have a custom designed and built product at a competitive price!  It's no longer necessary to compromise, making a "one size fits all" product work for you.  And our quality speaks for itself.  Our products are built above and beyond industry standards and are able to withstand any situation.   Whether its panels, gates or any one of our livestock handling products, they are all built to withstand  the use and abuse of a working ranch.  


If you need it - we will build it!   On budget and on time.


Expert industry knowledge.   High quality products and craftsmanship.  
American Steel.  Manufactured in Montana

Our Prices

We are committed to offering our customers the highest quality products at the best prices.  Due to fluctuating steel prices, we ask that you call us for accurate current prices.

Prices FOB Livingston, MT      


Delivery Available – ask for quote


Credit cards accepted with 3 1/2% processing fee

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