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Hay Conserving Feeders

30% less wasted hay cuts your overhead & increases your profits


 Bull proof & Tractor proof!

Single Round Bale Feeder

8 ½’ x 8 ½’ approx size

Fits up to 2 - round bales

Feeds 16 head*

Single Big Square Feeder

8 ½’ x 10 ½’ approx size

Fits 3 - 3'x4'x8 bales

Feeds 18 head*


Triple Hay Feeder


8 ½’ x 18’ approx size

Fits up to 5 - round bales or

6 - 3' x 4' square bales

Feeds 34 head*

* Does not include corner feed stations

Single Horse Feeder

8 ½’ x 8 ½’ approx size

Open tops so no mane rubbing

Fits 1 - round bale or

Small bales

Feeds 8-10 head

See our NEW Specialty Hay Feeders! 

New Improved Triple Hay Feeder

Covered Horse Hay feeder



Horizontals are 2 7/8" and 2 3/8" Schedule 40 pipe

Verticals are 1 5/16" Schedule 40 pipe


 12 gauge metal sheeting on sides


Skid design for easy moving


Sturdy enough for lifting with a grapple or forks

Cuts your feeding time with large capacity and easy filling


Designed for safety - reducing injuries

Our feeders are unpainted to reduce your cost.  Painting does not extend the life of the feeders and does not hold up.


Cross bar at corners so calves don't climb in.  If using only for calves, we recommend running a chain or cable around the outside of the feeder at the chest bend, easy to remove when using for cows.





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