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Livestock Equipment


Cattle Working Equipment


Need to work you cattle more efficiently and safely?

Purchase the whole system or by the piece, at a price you can afford!


Up until now, a rancher's only choice for cattle working equipment was expensive, portable lightweight, bolt together units or ultra expensive custom made units built on site.


Now you can have the luxury of PERMANENT custom units at an affordable price!

Cowco Products


We sell Cowco because it's the line of portable cattle equipment that impressed us by the way the squeeze chutes were built. Not to mention the diversity of settings, and configurations!


We've taken on their entire line, portable and stationary squeeze chutes, and complete crowding tub solutions!

Hay Bale Feeders


These hay bale feeders - save you 30% hay - IMMEDIATELY! Or your MONEY BACK!


This new generation of feeder is built with bigger and thicker pipe than before, and come with up to a 10 year warranty! They've even been tested to hold OVER 15,000 pounds!!


Saves time - fewer trip to the pasture, less wear and tear on your pick-u

Overhead Feed Bins


GoBob overhead feed & grain bins are built with the greatest quality construction and include many STANDARD features  for which the competition charges you extra.


Better Quality at a Better Price!

Parrish AgriTurf's Accumulator & Grapple


Check out Parrish AgriTurf's new Accumulator and Grapple. Both are available in 8 or 10 bale models.

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