Specialty Hay Feeders

New Improved Hay Conserving Feeder $1,950


Our latest addition to our line of hay conserving feeders, adds of an inverted V that distributes hay or chopped feeds out to the edges of the feeder and keeps your hay bales off the ground.  Same overall size as our triple feeder.  8 1/2' x 18',  fits 3 large round bales or      6  3' x 4' large square bales. Feeds 32 head not including the corner feed stations.

New Improved Hay Feeder 2.jpeg
New Improved Hay Feeder 1.jpeg

Covered Horse Hay Feeders    $2,750


Live in a wet environment? Want to protect your hay from the elements, but not give your horses anything that they can rub on? Here is the perfect feeder for you!  We took our hay conserving feeder design and added both a roof and an easy access to load your hay.  Choose from a lift off roof or an opening end entry gate for easy hay loading.  Hay stays in the feeder and under cover.  Custom designed and built in Montana.  Built tough for a lifetime of use.


You will easily save the cost of this hitch in maintenance and wear and tear on your vehicles and equipment.


Bumper Pull  $495


Recessed Ball Gooseneck $795


Easy Glide Gooseneck $795