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Red Ox Trailers

The Inline Hay Trailer that carries up to 11 hay bales! The Biggest Baddest Inline Hay Trailer ever built!

Hay Trailers

A walkthrough of different Hay Trailers and the differences you should watch for.

Koyker Round Bale Transport 7000

Shows the features and operation of this fantastic hay transport system.

The Hay Roll Trailer


Unloads your bales in windrows for fast, easy access by any bale bed. No longer do you have to spin your bales before picking them up with your bale bed. That means you don't even have to get out of your pick-up when you are ready to feed. Just back up, squeeze & go.

2EZ One Bale Mover


Need to move just one hay bale?  Then the 2EZ One Bale Mover is for you!

All the ease of a 2EZ product, without the single bale competitions need of a hand crank!

2EZ Hydraulic Bumper Hitch Bale Mover

New! The 2ez Hydraulic Bumper Pull Bale Mover has the most ground clearance of all the 2ez line! Better clearance than the normal Bumper Pull, and way better handling than any Gooseneck can afford!

2EZ Bumper Hitch Bale Mover


The 2EZ Bale Mover was created by a farmer for farmers/ranchers to help alleviate the extra time and hassle of moving hay. Several prototypes have been tried in order to develop a hauling machine that handles easily and makes common sense. This structurally fabricated trailer is manufactured by End2End Welding. The 2EZ Bale Mover uses hydraulics to load and unload up to 6 bales of hay in seconds without ever leaving the cab of your truck or tractor.

2EZ Gooseneck Hitch Bale Mover


The way the 2EZ Gooseneck Bale Mover loads and unloads your bales by gently picking them up and setting them down does not damage bales. Even old and mis-shaped bales are transported easily with no further damage to bales. One customer was able to recover over 100 bales that vandals had cut the strings on!


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